Since the 2009 Annual Annapolis Art Walk, Russell Levi has been more than busy with down-sizing his architectural-engineering firm, relocating his business offices and production studios, and recruiting and training a new/expanded gallery and production staff endowed with some of the best collective visual art talent in our region.  Russell has been traveling less, but shooting more...almost exclusively around Annapolis, and while sailing the Chesapeake on ARRIVEE throughout Maryland and Virginia. 

While our list of local private collectors has grown dramaticallly over the past year, the gallery's list of commercial clients and institutional alliances has emerged almost contemporaneously with our "large-image" custom collection installations, interior design/finish/fine art image integration and, in particular, our original applied business concepts in original fine art image products, services and collection management/rotation. 


Russell Cather Levi Collections for 2010 Fall/Winter

1.  Bridges of Annapolis
2.  Full Moon Water Wind
3.  Log Canoe Regatta - Eastern Shore
4.  First Light @ Sandy Point
5.  Summer Solstice Seance
6.  Annapolis Musician Traditions
7.  Night Lightning in Annapolis
8.  Sailing Classics
9.  Blizzardnapolis
10.  Selected Images from "Annapolis Nights"

1.  Chesapeake Watermen (and Their Workboats)
2.  Architecture Neonapolis (Recent Projects - 5 Years)
3.  Endurance of the Details (Historic Buildings and Architectural Details)
4.  Blizzardnapolis
5.  Blizzard Bridges
6.  Blizzard Trees
7.  Snowbound Downtown
8.  "Take My Picture"
9.  Blurmusic
10. Selected Images from "Annapolis Nights"


20th Annual Annapolis Art Walk

Featuring Russell Levi, Ashley E. Cooke, and Frederic LaFarque

Exhibition: August 19-21
Workshops: Mounting, Matting and Framing Photographs
Location:  Russell Cather Levi Gallery
               121 Main Street, 2nd Floor

The Galleries at Quiet Waters Featuring Ashley Cooke

Reception: April 11, 2010, 12-2pm
Exhibition: April 1, 2010 thru May 10, 2010
Location: The Galleries at Quiet Waters

49 West Exhibition Featuring Ashley Cooke

Reception: Sunday, January 10th, 2010, 5-8pm
Exhibition: Sunday, January 10th thru February 28th, 2010
Location: 49 West Coffeehouse, Winebar & Gallery, 49 West Street, Annapolis, MD

Federal Courthouse Exhibition Featuring Russell Cather Levi and Diane Tuckman

Reception: Thursday, August 20th, 2009, 5-6:30pm
Location: United States District Courthouse, 6500 Cherrywood Ln, Greenbelt, MD